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Panels Recap: http://cuhkcas.soc.srcf.net/reflections-2021-panels-recap/

「思索香港」年度青年峰會每年吸引至少 200 名參加者,是最大型的同類活動。論壇旨在提供平台,讓專業人士、專家、不同政府官員與年輕人就公眾所關注社會議題交流,促進世代間觀點與洞見的較量。儘管力量微不足道,我們仍會致力消弭社會分歧,推廣香港作為大都會的國際視野,培育才華洋溢的人才,將對社會的無力感轉化為邁步向前的動力。






The “Reflections” Annual Youth Conference is the largest event of its type, attracting more than 200 attendees in previous years. The forum aims to offer a platform to stimulate meaningful and insightful exchange between youngsters and professionals, experts, as well as government officials regarding heated issues of public interest, encouraging inter-generational conversation and dialogue across the social spectrum. Though we cannot mend every fracture, we nonetheless strive to heal social divisions, promote Hong Kong's role as a diverse international city, and develop her talented young people with both local sensitivities and a global mindset. In doing so, we hope to transform feelings of frustration and powerlessness into an opportunity for reflections and growth.

In the wake of recent tectonic changes to our city's social and political institutions and norms, the theme of this year's conference is "Past, Present, Future: Hong Kong’s Legacies, Uncertainties, and Opportunities". During the conference, we will examine our role as young people who stand at the crossroads of history, bearing witness to social movements and crises that will profoundly shape our collective futures, for better or for worse. The event will consist of three panel discussions that: 

(i) examine Hong Kong’s colonial past and how it has affected our current social and political environment, 

(ii) discuss how a series of reforms from journalism to justice system are shaping our society, and 

(iii) explore what lies ahead for the city, its position as a global economic hub and its future as a potential technological powerhouse. 

Ultimately, we hope our attendees will gain an understanding of the position of Hong Kong and her people in this uncertain period of time.