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Our Time, Our Stories: Hong Kong and China's political and social development from different perspectives.

CUHKCAS first published our official magazine, Our Time, in 1990. Over the past 27 years, Our Time have bought in front of our members issues ranging from reindustrialisation in Hong Kong to Sino-Korean relationship in a variety of researched articles and interviews. Our Time is edited entirely by our team of independent student sub-committee through which we aim to present to our members multiple perspectives on contemporary issues in Hong Kong and Greater China.

We strike to stimulate a wave of contemplation on the readers' part. How has Hong Kong and China been coping in the last few years, for example, and can we make predictions as to their trajectories (or indeed trajectory) of development, so we can gear ourselves up for the upcoming changes? What are the costs of economic development in Hong Kong in terms of our culture lost and drop in quality of living, or what is the economic cost if we choose to uphold the latter? Or even more, where is that alleged status quo of the next 30 or so years leading us to?

The latest issue of Our Time has recently been released in February 2018, and the PDF version is available here online. I wish you'll find it an enjoyable read.


Stephanie Wai
Publicity Officer 2017-2018

Email: hyw25@cam.ac.uk