CUHKCAS Annual Dinner 2013, 7th March 2013


Adminitrative Officer (AO) Careers Briefing, 24th April 2013


Joint Talk and Dinner with Mr. Michael Thomas and Prof. Christopher Forsyth, 30th April 2013


CUHKCAS 'Reflections' Annual Youth Conference 2013, 17th August 2013


Freshers' Dinner, 24th August 2013


Freshers' Formal, 19th October 2013


CUHKCAS 19th Annual Inter-university Quiz, 20rd November 2013


Oxbridge Debate, 1st December 2013



In Dialogue with Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma, 4th January 2014


OXPASS x CUHKCAS Charity Dinner, 9th January 2014