In line with the aim to broaden and promote understanding of social, economic and political affairs in Hong Kong and China. CUHKCAS has decided to host our first essay competition in Hong Kong for secondary school students. CUHKCAS believes that this will be an invaluable opportunity for both Hong Kong students and the Cambridge community to connect. Our Society wishes to bring the voices of secondary school students onto the platform of discussion with hopes to further interests in Liberal Studies and other General Education related disciplines.

• To promote critical and analytical thinking through argumentative writing.
• To encourage secondary school students in Hong Kong to express their thoughts on social, economic and political affairs as well as related subjects.
• To increase aptitude in English, Liberal Studies and any other General Education related subjects.

Students enrolled in secondary schools located in Hong Kong.
Students enrolled in secondary schools overseas who are permanent residents of Hong Kong.

Write an essay of 800-1,000 words (excluding citations and bibliography) on one of the topics below.

1. In light of current challenges, should the new Government of Hong Kong adopt a policy of rest or reform in the coming years?

2. ‘The turbulence experienced by Hong Kong was rooted in the misunderstanding of the Chinese government and its citizens.’ Discuss this statement.

Submission Deadline: 10th July 2017 (HKT 23:59)

All pieces must be submitted digitally to **essaycompetition.cuhkcas@gmail.com** in PDF format.
You MUST include the essay title and the title number in your submitted file.
Processed file MUST NOT contain any personal details or information that might lead to identification.
Please include the following details in the email:
1. Full name in English
2. Full name in Chinese (if applicable)
3. Name of secondary school
4. Your current year of study
5. Your email address
6. Your contact number

1. Cash scholarship
2. Publication on CUHKCAS annual magazine Our Time (top three pieces)
3. Invitation to salon lunch with distinguished figures in Hong Kong
(see poster for more details)

The results of the Essay Competition will be released in early August. Award-winners will be individually informed via email.
All participants will be invited to the 10th Anniversary “Reflections” Annual Youth Conference organized by CUHKCAS, where the award ceremony will be held on 19th August 2017 in the University of Hong Kong.

• The essay must be written in English limited to 800-1,000 words (excluding citations and bibliography).
• The submitted document must include a title of the essay and the title number.
• Each student should submit only one essay.
• The essay must be original and completed independently. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.
• By submitting the essay, students agree to and do vest the copyright in their essays in CUHKCAS. CUHKCAS may publish their essays in print or online and our committee reserves the right to edit submitted work prior to publication.
• All award-winners should attend the award ceremony.
• All personal information collected would only be used for the purposes of the Essay Competition. All personal data will be destroyed upon completion of the event.
• CUHKCAS reserves final right to interpret and amend these Rules without prior notification.

E-mail: essaycompetition.cuhkcas@gmail.com
Website: www.cuhkcas.org