"Reflections" Annual Youth Conference

A forum for young leaders in UK and Hong Kong universities as well as secondary schools to engage in discussions of Hong Kong and China's social, economic and political issues. We are honoured to have hosted some of the most prominent figures in the city to share their thoughts with our participants, such as the former Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, Mrs. Anson Chan and Mr. Lee Chu Ming.


Cambridge Hong Kong Affairs Essay Competition

In line with the aim to broaden and promote understanding of social, economic and political affairs in Hong Kong and China. CUHKCAS has decided to host the essay competition in Hong Kong for secondary school students. CUHKCAS believes that this will be an invaluable opportunity for both Hong Kong students and the Cambridge community to connect. Our Society wishes to bring the voices of secondary school students onto the platform of discussion with hopes to further interests in Liberal Studies and other General Education related disciplines.


Social Innovators Programme

Being the first non-career-based mentorship programme, we hope connect young elites with social leaders who are serving the society passionately, and inspire the new generation not to be solely profit-oriented, but to use their abilities for the betterment of Hong Kong. We also aim to provide them with a new spectacle in addition to the vision of traditional career paths and engage them at an early point of their lives to further the works of existing social leaders. It is furthermore a platform to connect alumni with current students, to strengthen the Cambridge-HK community.


Inter-University Quiz

An annual event where students across UK universities are invited to Cambridge for a friendly competition through over 3000 questions over a range of topics.