"President turned Emperor? Rise of the Xi Dynasty" Panel Discussion, 13th March 2018

Upon the announcement of 'Central Committee of the Communist Party of China suggestions of changes to the Constitution', our Committee decided to host a panel discussion in light of the importance of the changes. We are honoured to have Prof. Hans van de Ven, Prof. Julia Lovell and Mr. Roderic Wye to provide us with an insightful discussion on the Chinese constitutional changes initiated by President Xi. We are overjoyed at the unprecedented turn-up rate for CUHKCAS speaker events. We would like to thank the enthusiastic audience for their support, and please continue supporting our incoming committee in their future events!



Oxbridge Debate and Drinks, 28th December 2017

In the Christmas of 2017, we met with the Other Side (Oxford University Hong Kong Society) for a Debate and Drinks event. We would like to congratulate the Oxford team for winning the competition and thank both teams for their efforts. We hope everyone had a great night and we look forward to seeing all of you in our future events!


24th Annual Inter-University Quiz, 25th November 2017

The 24th Annual Inter-University Quiz, our UK flagship event, was successfully held on 25th November. Contestants from 19 universities gathered in Cambridge for a competition of wit and knowledge. All teams put up an exceptionally high-standard performance.

Congratulations to our very own Cambridge Team for securing the Championship once again! We would like to express our gratitude to the participating societies for the support as well as the hard work of our sub-committee.


Freshers' Formal, 28th October 2017

Freshers' Formal, one of our Freshers' Trio events, was hosted on 28th October. Warmest welcome to all freshers and non-freshers who joined us (back) in Cambridge this year. Hope you all enjoyed the night and we look forward to meeting you at our future events!


Oxbridge Drinks, 18th September 2017

Another highlight of our summer events in Hong Kong, CUHKCAS invited our friends from Oxford to join our members for a casual event where they mingled with students from the other side.


Welcoming Reception and Freshers' Dinner, 20th August 2017

CUHKCAS held the Freshers' Dinner following the welcoming reception hosted by the Chinese Society. The event was attended by more than 70 freshers from all discsiplines, as we engaged them with an introduction to the Cambridge life.



'Reflections' Annual Youth Conference 2017, 19th August 2017

The 'Reflections' Annual Youth Conference 2017 was successfully held. Nearly 300 secondary school and university students as well as members of the general public attended the Conference to exchange ideas with the distinguished speakers on important issues that affect the future of our hometown. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you in the 'Reflections' Conference next year!


Private Dinner with Mr. James Tien, 13th August 2017

We are honoured to host Mr. James Tien in a private dinner, along with Durham University Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society.



Cambridge Hong Kong Affairs Essay Competition, August 2017

In line with the aim to broaden and promote understanding of social, economic and political affairs in Hong Kong and China, CUHKCAS has decided to host our first essay competition in Hong Kong for secondary school students. We received an enthusiastic response of more than 70 entries. The winners were awarded at the 'Reflections' Annual Youth Conference 2017.



Talk by Mr. Edward Leung, 12th June 2017

We were honoured to have Mr. Edward Leung with us in a seminar aiming to raise political awareness in Hong Kong.