Administrative Officer (AO) is one of the most sought after occupations amongst graduates. It is a career that provides a wide range of opportunities to engage in government work and a chance to serve the community of Hong Kong. This would be a unique opportunity for members to explore and find out more about the application for, and the career prospects of, the position of Administrative Officer in the Hong Kong Government.Our society has been very privileged to be addressed over the years by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) in London at our Administrative Officer (AO) Career Briefings.  This year, Ms Noel Pun, the Deputy Director-General of the HKETO will be speaking to us about career as an Administrative Officer in HKSAR government.


















We would like to welcome you all to our annual garden party in the beautiful gardens of Robinson College. It will be a great afternoon of cakes, drinks and games to release all that stress as we come to the end of the year.









The Inter-University Debate 2014 seeks to bring together more universities from around the world on the same day. It is our hope that the event, conducted in both Chinese and English and centered on topical issues affecting Hong Kong and China, can be a stepping stone for university students to think and discuss about what is truly important for our future.There has long been a tradition of debate in CUHKCAS: between guest speakers that include prominent politicians, judges, government officials and other notable individuals, as well as traditionally between Cambridge and Oxford every December. Past years have also seen matches between Cambridge and various local, Chinese and American universities.

Participating Universities:

University of Hong Kong
Chinese University of Hong Kong
University of Oxford
Princeton University
Brown University
University of Cambridge 


Round 1 - THBT the Occupy Central movement does more good for the Central Government than for the Hong Kong people.

Round 2 - THBT the dispute about Senkaku Island between China and Japan is better solved by having multilateral instead of bilateral discussions.

Finals - THW ban filibustering.









University of Cambridge Hong Kong and China Affairs Society
"Reflections" Annual Youth Conference 2014 ‖
Hong Kong in Evolution – Safeguarding Values, Embracing Changes

「思索香港」青年峰會 2014 ‖ 蛻變中的香港 


The reunification of Hong Kong with China under the rubric of “one country, two systems” has ushered in an era of new economic orientation, greater social integration and changing politics. As Hong Kong embraces the changes and development, it is of fundamental importance that her values and principles should remain constant. The Annual Youth Conference 2014 sets out to explore and reflect on three issues that have a significant bearing on Hong Kong’s future development, namely, media freedom, social and economic integration with the Mainland and political reform for the 2017 Chief Executive election.


香港在「一國兩制」的嶄新理念下回歸中國,經歷了經濟新 發展及社會面貌和政治層面的轉變。在擁抱改變和發展的同 時,至為重要的是確保香港的核心價值和信念得以秉持不變 。2014年的青年峰會將探索和反思三項對香港未來發展 影響深遠的議題,它們分別是傳媒自由、香港與內地的社會 和經濟融合及 2017年行政長官選舉的政治改革。









Mr. Jasper Tsang Yok-sing, GBS, JP (born 17 May 1947) is the 2nd and current President of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and represents the Hong Kong Island constituency. He is a founding member of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong, one of the largest political parties in Hong Kong, and served as its Chairman from 1992 to 2003. Meanwhile, CUHKCAS is honoured to have Mr. Tsang as our guest speaker on 3rd January, who will be giving a speech on “The Qualities of a Political Leader”. Given the extensive experience Mr. Tsang gained from the political arena in the past years, he is best suited to delivering such speech. In addition, there have been drastic political movements in HK in recent years, and as the President of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Mr. Tsang can definitely shed light on such a political era.










Join CUHKCAS on our annual Exchange Trip to Shanghai this Christmas vacation! Be it the history, culture, business or technology that takes your interest, our journey through Shanghai will provide an opportunity to see it all. It has been an ongoing tradition for CUHKCAS to organise an annual exchange trip to visit different parts of China and to interact with students from different backgrounds.Date: Dec 12th - Dec 15th 2014

This is guaranteed to be an unforgettable and fantastic experience for you and your friends as a group. It is common to have most of our freshers attending this event, and it is no easy task to get everything sorted. So please do sign up as quick as you can so we can confirm the cost and itinerary of the trip as soon as possible!









He was appointed Chief Justice upon the retirement of the Hon. Justice Andrew Li, a Cambridge alumnus, in 2010. Chief Justice Ma's comments on the legal status of Hong Kong can be seen extensively in extra-judicial publications such as "Litigation in the Commercial List", "Arbitration in Hong Kong: a practical guide" and "Professional Conduct and Risk Management in Hong Kong". He has rich experience in public law and the protection of constitutional rights.Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma was the second Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal. He was admitted to the English Bar at Gray's Inn in 1978, to the Hong Kong Bar in 1980 and appointed Queen's Counsel in 1993. In 2004, he was made an Honorary Bencher of Gray's Inn. His judicial career began in 2000 when he was appointed a Recorder of the High Court of Hong Kong. As Chief Judge of the High Court from July 2003, he not only sat in hearings of important appeals, but also advised the then Chief Justice on administrative, legislative and policy issues related to the operation of the High Court. He was also a major supervisor of the implementation of the Civil Justice Reform in 2009.

With thanks to Professor Christopher Forsyth and the University of Cambridge Centre for Public Law for co-hosting this event.









His recent books include Law of the Hong Kong Constitution (with C L Lim, 2011), Reflections at the Academia (翰林隨筆: 在公義路上的反思),General Principles of Hong Kong Law (香港法概論)(with Albert Chen & Others, 2nd ed, 2009), Hong Kong Human Rights Bibliography (2006); Hong Kong’s Constitutional Debates (with Lison Harris, 2005); and Immigration Law and Policy in Hong Kong: An Inter-Disciplinary Study (with Bart Rwezaura, 2004), He is also one of the founding editors of Hong Kong Public Law Reports and an editor of Hong Kong Law Reports and Digest and Hong Kong Cases. Professor Chan was called to the Hong Kong Bar in 1982. He has appeared as counsel in many leading human rights, constitutional law cases, and was appointed the first Honorary Senior Counsel in Hong Kong in 2003.Talk by Professor Johannes M M Chan SC (Hon), University of Hong Kong - "One Country, Two Systems - The Unfinished Experiment" Professor Johannes M M Chan SC ( 陳文敏 ) specializes in human rights, constitutional and administrative law, and has published widely in these fields.

Professor Chan has served on many government/public and professional bodies, including the Bar Council, the Consumer Council, the Broadcasting Authority, the Press Council, the Administrative Appeals Board, the Municipal Services Appeals Board, Law Reform Sub-Committee on Privacy, Hong Kong Red Cross, and the Central Policy Unit (Governor’s Think Tank). Professor Chan has been the chair of the Bar Constitutional Law and Human Rights Sub-Committee and the chair of Consumer Legal Action Fund. He is also a regular commentator of current social issues, and has worked with many regional and international non-governmental organizstions on human rights matters.