President: Jason Lo


Jason is reading Economics at Pembroke College. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he witnessed the socio-political change in his generation during the Umbrella Movement in his high school years. Coupled with pressing social problems, they have left youths disillusioned and unmotivated. However, Jason believes that we should not blind ourselves to the political turmoil and we should transform the frustration into motivation of bettering to society instead. His studies in Cambridge motivate him to study the socio-economic problems in Hong Kong through an international lens. Witnessing the declining role of Hong Kong culturally and economically, he believes that Hong Kong should be more progressive and regain its international position as the globally minded ideas hub. Aspiring to bring an alternative angle to the internal struggles in Hong Kong, he hopes to converge opinionated voices through debates and social engagements through CUHKCAS. He understands the importance of multiplicity in Hong Kong and aims to promote diversity within the Hong Kong community by advocating a more inclusive CUHKCAS. He believes that CUHKCAS has the intellectual duty not only to raise awareness but to inspire youths to participate in the community. CUHKCAS also has the duty to sweep social misconceptions through education and express our concerns where there is injustice. Jason regards the diverse opinions in CUHKCAS as a crucial asset in advancing the society in furthering its contribution to the Hong Kong community. With the aspiration of inducing social changes, he believes that CUHKCAS is well-positioned to unite youths and promote democracy in Hong Kong and China.




Vice President: Jason Chan


Jason is reading Law at Queens’ College. He chose to study Law because of his conviction that everyone has fundamental rights and freedoms that should be safeguarded, but have been undermined recently around the world. He hopes to contribute through his involvement in CUHKCAS, to promote democracy and freedom especially in Hong Kong and China. In light of recent political turmoils, he believes that it is crucial to encourage reconciliation and sensible discussions in the society, especially in controversial topics such as Article 23, the co-location arrangement, and the voting method of the chief executive election. Through CUHKCAS, he hopes to bring effective and constructive changes to Hong Kong, addressing deep-rooted problems that have yet to be resolved, and to put thought into the relationship between Hong Kong and China. As the Vice President, Jason aims to facilitate internal cooperation amongst the committee, while strengthening the society’s connection with external bodies.




Treasurer: Howard Cheung


Howard is reading Economics at Robinson College. Eyeing both the exacerbated inequality and the Umbrella Movement for political freedom in Hong Kong, he hopes to put effort in transforming Hong Kong into a better place. Howard went on to study Economics to acquire a panoramic picture of the situation and seek for policies and actions which can liberate his hometown from the current daunting deadlock. He sees that a large proportion of people do not understand or are not interested in current affairs, leading to a lack of support to those who are suggesting changes. He believes that working through CUHKCAS, his views and voice can be seen and heard by a wider public and his actions can initiate the passion of more people from different walks of life in remedying Hong Kong. As Treasurer, he aims at ensuring a smooth administration of CUHKCAS by maintaining a healthy balance and granting CUHKCAS a wider scope of influence via a more efficient spending plan.




Internal Secretary: Stephanie Xie


Stephanie is reading Law at Gonville & Caius College. She has always had an interest in international politics, in which later developed to become more focused on China’s relationship with the world, including Hong Kong.  Having studied abroad she has come to realise how easy it is for Hong Kong students abroad to become disconnected with Hong Kong and China affairs, as such topics often do not make headlines in UK local newspapers, nor do they tend to come up in conversation due to a lack of interest from their British peers. As a result Stephanie hopes to bridge this gap by working through CUHKCAS to help continue create an environment of active discussion over Hong Kong and Chinese issues. Furthermore, she would like to expand the scope of CUHKCAS by engaging a wider audience within Cambridge. As Internal Secretary she intends to achieve such goals by facilitating and increasing collaborations and communications between other Cambridge University societies. Simultaneously she will continue to strive to efficiently manage and increase CUHKCAS’ membership base and internal connection with our members.




External Secretary: Jack Lam


Jack is reading Land Economy at Queens’ College. Being away from home for such a long period for the first time, he rediscovered the beauty of Hong Kong and started to treasure Hong Kong in different aspects. He is passionate about solving urban problems such as housing development, gentrification, revitalisation, etc, by utilising his knowledge acquired upon urban planning, real estate development and sustainability issues about city development. To criticise is always easier than to propose, Jack hopes CUHKCAS can be a platform to gather the brightest minds of our generation to brainstorm innovative and practical ideas which address contemporary Hong Kong issues. Ultimately, Jack wants to convey the message that Hong Kong, a place which we call ‘home’, is lovable to both wider Cambridge circle, Hong Kong counterparts studying in the UK and Hong Kong society itself. As External Secretary, he would capitalise on his networking abilities to maintain CUHKCAS existing network and proactively reach out to other PASS and institutions in Hong Kong, multiplying the influences of CUHKCAS.




Secretary: Jacky Chow


Jacky is reading Mathematics at Corpus Christi College. Witnessing the inability for our generations to make a substantial change in society, he understands the youth’s apathy in politics. To make our homes better, he believes that a passion in current affairs should be delivered and social participation should be encouraged by CUHKCAS. While reinforcing members’ awareness in Hong Kong’s situation, he hopes CUHKCAS to create an influence back in Hong Kong by building up connections with various institutions and schools. As the Secretary, Jacky wishes to maintain effective communication channels between members and assist other committee members wherever possible.




Publicity Officer: Bowie Wong

Bowie is reading Economics at Peterhouse. Prior to studying in Cambridge, Bowie attended secondary school at Diocesan Boys’ School in Hong Kong. With his engagement in various volunteering events, he recognises that social problems, ranging from intergenerational poverty to widening income gap, from population and ageing problem to Hong Kong-Mainland Conflict, to name but just a few, have become more acute in the recent years. As a cradle of ideas and knowledge, the Hong Kong community at Cambridge encapsulates some of the greatest minds of the generation. It is his belief that despite geographical barriers, CUHKCAS should serve as a platform for members to air their views for the betterment of Hong Kong in a rational manner, while empowering and enlightening members and the public to think independently and critically, in the hope to ameliorate the aforementioned social problems. As the Publicity Officer of CUHKCAS, he wishes to utilise his publication skills to raise political awareness among the public and members.