President: Leo Lai

Leo is reading Geography at Christ's College. Prior to pursuing his degree in Cambridge, Leo spent his secondary years in Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School. Witnessing the events that happened in Hong Kong. Leo believes it is at volatile times that CUHKCAS must showcase our embedded influence in promoting social, economic and political awareness. With the new Chief Executive taking office and amplifying voices from respective ends of the political spectrum, Hong Kong is observed to be going through a period of transition. CUHKCAS must value the neutrality and fair representation that can be brought onto the platform of discussion. It is only when members do not feel that their opinions are marginalized, misrepresented or neglected, then the Society can proceed to encourage participation and promotes its founding values. From Leo’s social science background, he recognizes the importance to be inclusive of social and economic problems on top of our political focus, so that we can attract a spectrum of members and foster their interests in current affairs. Leo believes with good communication among the committee and members, the Society will be able to maintain the quality of its work throughout the year by evaluating its expectations frequently. When the committee has consistency among ourselves, then so will the Society.




Vice President: George Ho

George is reading Law at Emmanuel College. Prior to studying Law at Emmanuel College, George attended a local school in Hong Kong. Having been brought up in a humble neighborhood, he has witnessed the social needs of the underprivileged and determined to effect changes in the community. George has been actively involved in volunteering projects organized by local and international NGOs since secondary school years. He believes it is crucial to raise public awareness towards socio-political issues in order to bring effective changes to resolve some of the deep-rooted problems in Hong Kong. George hopes to broaden the impacts of CUHKCAS within Cambridge as well as in the Hong Kong society. As Vice President, he is dedicated to maximize CUHKCAS’s impact and efficiency, and strengthen the society’s connection with other student bodies.




Treasurer: Timothy Tan

Timothy is reading Economics at Pembroke College. His motivation to study the subject stems from observing the fundamental inequalities that persist in Hong Kong’s socio-economic environment, which has roots in decades of development and policy-making, and can be explored through political-economic lens. This theme of inequity has been re-established in pertinent discussions within the Hong Kong political scene, and it is Timothy’s belief that by working through CUHKCAS, a certain awareness can be brought to the public regarding the immediacy and importance of the issues our society faces. By gathering the voices of the Cambridge-Hong Kong community, he believes we can generate intellectual and productive dialogue to inform our Society’s audience. As Treasurer, he hopes to empower CUHKCAS to improve the depth and scope of its events by ensuring a healthy and efficient budget.




Internal Secretary: Jonathan Mui

Jonathan is reading Medicine at Sidney Sussex College. Prior to coming to Cambridge, Jonathan attended Diocesan Boys’ School, before pursuing GCSEs and A-levels in the UK. From taking part in multiple charities and volunteering organisations, Jonathan has witnessed first-hand the socio-political issues in Hong Kong caused by the widening poverty gap, from housing problems to the constantly changing education system. Having spent more than four years in the UK, he has realised how important it is for Hong Kong students studying abroad to resist leaving in a protected bubble and maintain a high level of awareness on current affairs and socio-political issues in Hong Kong. The umbrella revolution in 2014 was a prime example of the crucial role university students play in voicing out their ideas in society and striving to make a change for the better. Jonathan believes CUHKCAS is well-placed to make such an impact both in Hong Kong and in Cambridge, helping to raise awareness on political, social and economic issues of Hong Kong among students.




External Secretary: Olivia Lam

Olivia is reading Human, Social and Political Sciences at Fitzwilliam College. Having been born and raised in Hong Kong, Olivia has first developed interest in politics, especially Hong Kong politics at the age of 15 when she was first exposed to policy making simulation and model Legislative Council programmes. She went on to study Politics and Sociology in university in order to understand Hong Kong’s problems of governance and social structure. Olivia hopes to continue her interests in current affairs with her participation in CUHKCAS. She also hopes to further promote awareness to our members as well as the public through speaker events and the flagship event of CUHKCAS “Reflections” Annual Youth Conference, particularly addressing Hong Kong’s position 20 years after the handover. As the External Secretary, Olivia aims to maintain and establish links with other universities and prominent individuals both in Hong Kong and the UK. All are welcome to contact Olivia regarding the choice of speakers and opportunities for collaboration between PASSes and universities.




General Secretary: Ernest Lau

Ernest is reading Engineering at Downing College. He considers Hong Kong as his hometown and effort should be paid to make Hong Kong a better place. With the limited ability as a student, he wishes to raise awareness of current affairs issue and reduces the segregation of the society by devoting himself into CUHKCAS. As an active member of CUHKCAS in the past two years, he has gained insights in the current affairs in Hong Kong. He hopes CUHKCAS to expand its influence to not only Cambridge students but to a further extent. As a general secretary of CUHKCAS, he believes an effective communication between executive committee members has the utmost importance in ensuring the events of CUHKCAS can maintain both quality and aim focused.




Publicity Officer: Stephanie Wai

Stephanie is reading Engineering at Robinson College. With the society becoming more strained, she believes encouraging diverse political views is the essence of a healthy political atmosphere. She considers CUHKCAS as a neutral platform that stimulates people to voice out, and would therefore like to serve in CUHKCAS. Having studied in the UK for 2 years, Stephanie witnessed how some Hong Kong students studying in the UK disconnect themselves from the current affairs in Hong Kong and she believes students should attain a certain level of awareness. To her, CUHKCAS functions as the bridge between the Hong Kong society and Hong Kong students in Cambridge. Therefore, as the Publicity Officer of CUHKCAS, she wishes to utilise her publication skills to promote a higher current affairs awareness among members and the public.