President: Lauren Chan


Lauren is reading Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Christs College. Witnessing political polarisation, social tensions, and an increasingly pessimistic environment in Hong Kong, she fully understands the widespread concerns about her hometown’s uncertain future. In light of this, she believes that it is crucial to encourage reconciliation through education and constructive discussion. In her view, CUHKCAS has the responsibility of increasing accessibility and awareness of current affairs in order to cultivate a mindset of critical engagement, empowering youths to voice out on important issues such as democracy in a rational manner, and contribute to the betterment of Hong Kong with progressive ideas. Her continued interest in international affairs, and her studies of global issues from multiple perspectives at Cambridge, has led to her conviction that an issue cannot be discussed in an isolated bubble. She realises that we sometimes tend to overemphasise politics but neglect policy, and focus on discourse while lacking constructivity. Furthermore, while a more holistic view of Hong Kong and China affairs is invariably important, she believes that high politics must be complemented by discussions about a more diverse range of issues such as environmental protection and education. She therefore aspires to widen the conversation by offering an inclusive platform to bring diverse opinions, perspectives, and issues to the table. Lauren ultimately believes that in diversity there is strength. As a medium to inform youths and initiate discussion, she hopes to advocate for progressive social change, and inspire youths to make positive contributions to the Hong Kong community.


Treasurer: Bryden Yip


Bryden is reading Economics at Churchill College. As Hong Kong integrates more into the Chinese economy, there are raising concerns on whether “One Country, Two System” would be distorted while Hong Kong is taking advantage of this opportunity. This motivates him to study the subject in order to acquire a better ability to analyse the uncertain situation of his homeland. As the society is becoming more bi-polar, he perceives that his generation is becoming politically apathetic and disengaged from current affairs. By working through CUHKCAS, he believes that he can help stimulate youth’s political cognizance and their desire to advance the well-being of Hong Kong. As Treasurer, he aims to empower CUHKCAS to maximise its impact and safeguard its financial health.




Internal Secretary: Natalie Lam


Natalie is reading Law at Homerton College. She has always been interested in current affairs at home in Hong Kong and was particularly intrigued by the 2014 Umbrella Revolution. Having studied abroad, she has become more aware of the importance and value of democracy in achieving social harmony and political efficiency. With reference to the UK political system, she appreciates that a democratically elected government has more legitimacy and is able to better reflect the wills of the public they are serving. Thus, Natalie hopes to use CUHKCAS as a platform and a mean to promote democracy in Hong Kong by raising awareness through organising events to educate the youth – both in Hong Kong and in the UK. She envisions to make current affairs discussion more accessible by organising more down-to-earth social activities. This can also attract and engage more people into the society, thereby achieving the main objectives of the Society. As the Internal Secretary, she also strives to efficiently manage and strengthen the membership base of CUHKCAS and maintain internal connection with our members.




External Secretary: Vicky Chiu


Vicky is reading Law at Newnham College. Having a passion for debate, she has always been fascinated by the exchange and discussion of controversial topics and believes it is the way to progression in society. Most importantly, she believes that students have a voice worth hearing and an opinion worth sharing, and hence should be able to express them without being belittled due to their student status. Yet, the problem in Hong Kong youths is how they have grown disillusioned and confused by current affairs. This may be due to how fast information passes and the serious and distant nature of some news, and thus are reluctant even to approach it.  Hence, as external secretary, she wants to be an Initiator in bring interesting unexplored topics to the table, to foster attention to our current news. Another of her aims is to allow students a platform to share their opinions on such issues. Therefore, she also wishes to bring about more networking between HKPASS societies, and perhaps even student organizations in Hong Kong and the US, to foster an exchange of ideas between students.




Secretary: Sharon Tong


Sharon is reading Law at Murray Edwards College. Through volunteering with various organisations in Hong Kong, she has always been interested in alleviation of poverty in Hong Kong, looking at policies and solutions through social enterprise to remedy these pressing societal problems. Her interest in international law coupled with how law can effect change and uphold fundamental values such as human rights has been transformed into a desire to understand and engage with the upholding of democracy and values of rule of law in Hong Kong. Through studying in the UK, she has noticed how easily it was for students who study abroad to become out of touch with HK politics and social issues and become apathetic towards the future of HK. She firmly believes that CAS has a key role in raising awareness and engaging a more forward-thinking perspective towards the future of Hong Kong. Through this unique platform reaching both students in HK and UK, she hopes to maintain and inspire a critical but positive outlook to these issues by bringing in different insight and perspectives into constructive discussions. As Secretary, she hopes to create impact with her team through effective communication and organisation with her committee members.




Publicity Officer: Rita Kan

Rita is reading Law at Pembroke College. Through participating in volunteering work relating to education, Hong Kong's education system and its effects on inter-generational poverty, social mobility and Hong Kong's development as a whole are issues close to her heart. Having had the opportunity to study abroad, she has also become more aware of Hong Kong's place in the international scene, and wishes to do her part to raise awareness about Hong Kong's potential and current difficulties, using CUHKCAS as a platform to promote equal opportunities for youths, and an open-minded view of Hong Kong's development, particularly in relation to China. She believes that the protection of Hong Kong's core values must be complemented by all-rounded understanding of the complicated political landscape. As the Publicity Officer of CUHKCAS, she wishes to utilise her publication skills to raise political awareness among the public and members.