Executive Committee 2020-2021


President: Macy Chung 


Macy is reading Land Economy at Downing College. She is deeply passionate about politics and social affairs- She reads extensively on materials covering these topics and enjoys having political discussions with her friends in her free time. By being on the committee, she hopes to encourage politically apathetic people to care more about their society— she holds that there is politics in all aspects of our daily lives.

The exacerbating polarised climate in Hong Kong in the past year has been disheartening. Believing that the Hong Kong community lacks a platform of communication, she aims to break the ice between the parties in conflict through the platform CUHKCAS offers. She aspires to incorporate more teenager’s voice in Hong Kong policy making, keenly affirming that adolescents are an imperative and constructive pillar for Hong Kong’s long-term development. Recognizing the contributions made by societies having similar goals across UK universities, she wishes to bring more networking between HKPASS societies to foster an exchange of ideas.

As the President, she aims to steer a conducive and unconventional direction for CUHKCAS to pursue in the midst of these difficult times at our homeland.


Treasurer: Chloe Choi


Chloe is reading Economics at Newnham College. A keen follower of social affairs in Hong Kong, she is disheartened by the series of social and political issues perpetuating her hometown. With a sense of responsibility, she wishes to contribute to the betterment of Hong Kong through taking up a more pivotal role in CUHKCAS committee. She observes that Hong Kong is characterized by polarized opinions surrounding political and social issues, and the sensitive nature of political opinions hinders the free exchange of views and ideas, upon which values of democracy rest. Understanding this hurdle in engaging in pluralistic discussions, her vision is to make the society a focal and forthright environment where members can voice out their opinions on current affairs freely, where conflicting voices are reconciled in a peaceful and respectful manner, where there is unity in diversity. Moreover, she appreciates the importance of socio-political awareness among young people, as they are the future pillars of Hong Kong. She will take part in establishing a platform in raising awareness among members of the Hong Kong community, achieving the main objectives of the society. As the Treasurer, she will ensure the society’s fund is used responsibly and reasonably, with the aim of maximizing CUHKCAS’s impact at university, in Hong Kong and beyond.



Secretary: Jovian Hui


Jovian is reading Human, Social, and Political Sciences at St. John's College. Witnessing the enhanced challenges that are emerging within and without Hong Kong, he understands that dialogues and rational debates about our common future are necessary should the city seek to continue its state of prosperity. Therefore he believes that CUHKCAS's long-standing role as an open platform for rational voices to be heard, and astute ideas to be reasoned is of immense relevance and importance. He hopes that apart from being a voice of reason, CUHKCAS can be a voice of compassion, and voice for justice in a society . Internationally speaking, the latter part of the past decade was characterised by growing liberalism, both politically and economically. He understands the growing concerns amongst members and hopes to assure all that CUHKCAS will remain steadfast to its constitutional commitment of upholding liberty in the impending year.

Concerning his role as CUHKCAS's secretary, having served several administrative roles during his time in high school, Jovian is determined to ensure the administrative efficiency of the society. He will work closely with the freshly established Secretariat Sub-committee to support the President's visions with the necessary administrative and logistical infrastructure.


Publicity Officer: Ernest Lok


Ernest is reading Law at Jesus College. He is, in the same way as many people are, disheartened by the political crisis at the forefront of Hong Kong society. Embodied by divided opinions and increasing amounts of brutality, it is at this distressing time that Ernest believes  is our duty, as educated and privileged students and future stakeholders of Hong Kong, to participate in an unbiased evaluation of the situation. In his view, a political movement characterised by blinded emotions and finger-pointing is not the answer. He believes that to this end, CUHKCAS is able to offer a critical, open-minded understanding of current affairs through freedom of expression as an instrument. Having studied abroad, he is aware of the importance of democracy and human rights. 

As Publicity Officer, Ernest will aim to raise awareness of the society’s work through the annual magazine ‘OurTime’, with a vision to focus on several key themes close to the hearts of HK people. Furthermore, he will also advertise CUHKCAS-organised events.