Academic Discussions

Owing to the pandemic, we were unable to host our annual conference. Nevertheless, this does not stop us from hosting academic discussions. We moved them to a virtual setting, which attracted more audience (totalling a number that exceeds 650 participants) than normal times thanks to convenience brought by modern technology. We made discussions more interactive by allowing participants to leave comments in the chat box, so they were able to have real-time discussions with the speakers and among themselves. We are very honored to have valuable insights from the following speakers:

Social Innovators Programme

The Social Innovators Programme held by CUHKCAS this year has been a huge success. The SIP aims to connect students with social leaders who actively contribute to society in multiple areas, such as in politics, social innovation, humanitarian work and environmental protection. This year, we have successfully invited 16 distinguished members in Hong Kong to be our mentors. Notable mentors include The Hon. Jasper Tsang, Ms. Emily Lau, Ms. Winnie Tam, Prof. Joseph Sung, and more. We have received overwhelmingly positive responses from the mentees after each meet-up session. We are deeply honoured to have garnered the support from the mentors, who were willing to spend their valuable time on our students, in turns nurturing social leaders for tomorrow and demonstrating first hand what it is like to ‘give back’ to society.

In addition, we are proud of the successful implementation of multiple job shadowing experiences offered by SIP. 5 organisations have generously provided students with opportunities to work, ranging from government subsidiaries such as the Efficiency Office, to philanthropic organisations like Social Ventures HK.

The Lord Palmerston Award

The Lord Palmerston Award is the first essay competition held by an overseas student society targeting secondary school students in Hong Kong. With the aim of raising awareness towards social, economic and political affairs in Hong Kong to local students, we have set essay questions for participants to present an argumentative piece that would stimulate progressive ideas and critical thinking. This is not the society’s first attempt in organising an essay competition, but enthusiasm and interest had never been as high as it currently is, as reflected by the record-breaking number of entries. We hope that the competition granted secondary school students with the opportunity to explore interesting topics outside their curriculum.

Business Skills Workshop with CUCS

We co-hosted three business skills workshops, which covers the management consulting, investment banking and entrepreneurship industry, with CUCS. Leading experts in these industries, also alumni of the university, gave our members valuable insights.

Bubble Tea Giveaway

All restaurants in the UK were forced to suspend dine-in service during the national lockdown in November 2020. Hoping to support smart shops and provide members’ with welfare, we distributed a ticket for all members to redeem a cup of bubble tea. This event was well perceived and attended.