CAS-Logo2CUHKCAS stands for Cambridge University Hong Kong and China Affairs Society. We are open to anyone: those who are eager to learn, those with a strong passion, those who aspire to make a difference to society. Whether you are seeking for inspiration, or to be the inspiration, CUHKCAS provides a platform for your voice to be heard, your ideas to be shared.

CUHKCAS is a student-run, non-profit making society at the University of Cambridge. Since its founding twenty-six years ago, CUHKCAS has strived to promote interest in the social, economic and political affairs of Hong Kong and China. While standing firm in our values and objectives, we aim to progress concordantly with developments in the two regions. It is the support from several hundreds of our active members that spurs us on to continue in the Society's established successes and to bring CUHKCAS to reach new heights. This year, we promise to deliver to the utmost of our ability yet another exciting and enriching year.


Reflections Annual Youth Conference

A forum for young leaders in UK and Hong Kong universities as well as secondary schools to engage in discussions of Hong Kong and China's social, economic and political issues. We are honoured to have hosted some of the most prominent figures in the city to share their thoughts with our participants, such as the Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, Mrs. Anson Chan and Mr. Lee Chu Ming.



Inter-University Quiz

An annual event where students across UK universities are invited to Cambridge for a friendly competition through over 3000 questions over a range of topics.


CUHKCAS has two major form of publications:

  1. Snapshots: regular issues featuring a collation of selected articles, allowing readers to stay informed with current affairs and critical perspectives. Feel free to browse through them via the menu of the website, or access them directly with this link.
  2. Our Time: our annual magazine which features a range of topics, written by us students. The 2016/17 issue will be released after the Christmas vacation, stay tuned!



Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events until 'Reflections' Annual Youth Conference 2017. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Contact Us

For general enquiries, please contact our presdient, Leo Lai (president.cuhkcas@gmail.com)

For specific enquiries, please contact our executive committees correspondingly,

Treasurer: Timothy Tan (treasurer.cuhkcas@gmail.com), for financial arrangements and sponsorships
Internal Secretary: Jonathan Mui (internalsecretary.cuhkcas@gmail.com), for membership and collaboration with societies within Cambridge
External Secretary: Olivia Lam (externalsecretary.cuhkcas@gmail.com), for external collaboration
Publicity Officer: Stephanie Wai (publicityofficer.cuhkcas@gmail.com), for media-related issues